I think I had a "Karen" moment. No offence to anyone named Karen, but I did have a rant.

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I stopped by my local Starbucks and tried to place a order. I say tried because again for the third time in a week they were out of what I was ordering. Not just my item, but a slew of others.My favorite Very Berry Hibscus was without berries. Not just berries, but they were out of straws, mocha, and protein boxes. I know...real world problems.

Now, I have been understanding about the fact that my favorite place to fuel up in the morning has adjusted their hours during the past year due to the pandemic and staffing issue. I have reluctantly learned to live without my early morning stop due to the fact they aren't open that early anymore, but when I get a chance to get my "fix" and then find out I'm out of luck...well that isn't happiness.

Yes, I will survive, and of course I am making light, a little, of the situation, but the fact is Starbucks is in a major bind. According to Insider, Starbucks is facing some big shortages of vital products, and because of that the chain is putting orders for at least 25 items on "temporary hold".

Bottom line, Starbuck is short on things they need to master up their famous drinks and snacks. Items like hazelnut syrup,sugar,  toffee nut syrup, chai tea bags, green iced tea, and other products. And yes even the berries for the Very Berry Hibiscus.

Their is even a viral  TikTok video showing a sandwich board outside of one particular Starbucks with a  long list of ingredients they are out of, including white mocha, dark roast, apple juice, cinnamon dolce, hazelnut and drink trays.

I checked out my local stores on my Starbucks app, and some items are just listed as out of stock depending on location.

So, to my local Starbucks, I am sorry I wigged out. Please understand, it's just 'cause I love my favs and hate rejection.


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