Yep, I almost became one of those Buzzfeed articles where a person sees a spider on their dashboard and swerves into a tree.

Like a lot of people, I lay my clothes out the night before. I wake up too early to make decisions and I also don't give myself enough time to pick out an outfit, so they're out in a pile, on top of my hamper, every night.

This morning, I put my white jeans on and headed into work. While I was driving down Bristol Road, I could feel a tickle on my leg. I adjusted my leg and the tickle was still there. I grabbed that part of my pants leg and could feel a bump. I smacked my leg violently and saw whatever-the-hell-it-was "bleed" through my pants leg.


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I almost took out a construction barrel on Bristol, but I managed to be an adult and calm the hell down. I had about three minutes more before I could get to work and figure out what had been crawling up my leg, so I took a few deep breaths and focused on driving.

When I got to work, I ran into the restroom and dropped trou to see what had made its home in my jeans, and the little beetle-like bug above fell on to the floor.

First of all, thank GOD it wasn't a spider. Yes, that would've been worse. Second, how do I get the bug juice out of my pants?? And third, now I feel like something is crawling on me all morning.

Finally, though, I'm thrilled that I didn't crash the car.

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