Is coffee the first thing on your mind before your feet even hit the floor in the morning? Is your first stop a drive-thru to fuel up for the day? Then listen up, because that morning Cup of Joe is getting pretty pricey, even here in Michigan.

According to Cash Net USA, which determined the price of a cup of coffee in every state, the once "toss a quarter on the counter' beverage is starting to rise in price across the country. Yes, almost everything seems to be costing more, but coffee?

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Cash Net USA used data on the price of coffee was gathered from looking at prices of coffee from nearly 10,000 coffee shops across 2,500 cities in the United States. What they found is that prices for a cup of straight-up coffee ranged from as high as $3.92 a cup in Seattle, Washington, to as little as $1.18 a cup in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

If you're wondering if that's getting a bit on the high side, let's do a little flashback. Take for instance the year 1965, the year I was born. Coffee averaged just $0.36 a cup. Ok, that was ages ago, but still, has coffee changed that much? If you are curious you can check your birth year price here.

How Much is a Cup of Coffee in Michigan Cost?

So what about a cup of coffee in Michigan? Well, it may depend on where you plan on grabbing your caffeine fix, and it's really not too bad. Ann Arbor made the list of Top 10 least expensive cups of coffee, averaging just $1.33. It will actually cost you more to grab a cup in Flint at $1.96 a cup. Here's how a few other Michigan cities priced out;

  • Kalamazoo $2.03
  • Lansing $1.99
  • Detroit $1.70
  • Grand Rapids $1.62

To be honest, all of these prices still beat the whipped, half and half, soy milk trends that usually set you back a whole lot more. You can see the full rankings from Cash Net USA here.

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