What's the first thing  you do when you walk into your hotel room? Check out the bathroom, test the bed and turn on the television, right? Would you expect to see a racial slur flashed across the screen? Joseph Ross, from Dayton, Ohio says that's what happened when he checked in to a Motel 6 recently. Hit read more for the story.

Mr. Ross, who is African-American, was visiting Sharonville, Ohio for a jazz festival. While in his Motel 6 room, he turned on his in-room television just in time to see the greeting "Hello" followed by the N-word flash across the screen. "I turned on the tv and when I laid back on the bed I just happened to see something on the screen and I was like 'Ah that ain't there, so then I focused my eyes and I couldn't believe what was on there'", he told a local television station.

He did contact the Motel 6 corporate office and the NAACP. The local authorities are also investigating.