Her nurse promised her that he'd learn the Whip/Nae Nae dance before she finished treatment. She had no idea that they'd all learn it for her.

Sophia Petikas, 12, has had scoliosis her entire life, and has worn a brace to correct it. A couple of years ago, an MRI revealed that she had tumors growing on her spinal cord. She had a large tumor removed, and the doctors decided to do proton therapy to remove the rest. Proton therapy is an alternative to radiation. She received her treatments at Willis-Knighton Cancer Center in Shreveport, LA.

One of her nurses , Daniel Speir, said that he would learn the dance for her last day of treatment. And he wasn't the only one.They even wore matching shoes!

Her mother posted this on the video:

Our family would like to express how thankful we are for all of the wonderful people at WK who took part in surprising our daughter with this fun, unforgettable surprise. A MILLION THANKS to Dr. Wilkinson and his associates, all of the brilliant physicists who worked on her care plan and everyone at the Cancer Center and especially the Proton Therapy Center. Greg Sonnenfeld for all of your kindness, help, and for writing the above blurb. Crystal and your adorable daughter for making Sophia feel special in so many thoughtful ways. These people are truly an example of the finest in their field, and of humanity in general!!

Not gonna lie to you, I teared up a little bit watching this. Can you imagine going through something like that at such a young age? What an amazing staff she was blessed with!