Madisyn Baldwin was expected to graduate this year and had plans to go to college in the fall. All of that came to an end on November 30, 2021, when a mass shooting occurred at Oxford High School. Madisyn was one of four victims that day.

Just over a week later, her family, a community, and the country are still trying to process the tragic event and somehow start the healing process. Although several GoFundMe accounts have been established, and vigils held, Madisyn's family is asking that she be remembered in a special way.

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The family of Madisyn Baldwin is asking everyone to remember Madisyn by spreading acts of kindness in the teen's honor with the hashtag #maddymatters. Jennifer Graves Mosqueda, who is Madisyn's grandmother, posted on Facebook that spreading acts of kindness is honoring her granddaughter.

"Madisyn’s family would like to start spreading acts of kindness into the world in honor of Madisyn Baldwin — using the hashtag #maddymatters please share stories and/or pictures of your kindness — in an effort to keep Madisyn’s beautiful soul and spirit alive!"

Mosqueda went on to list suggestions of simple ways to "be kind" from inviting someone over to join your table if you see them dining alone, and taking care of the person bill behind you in the drive-thru. Even the simplest acts of just giving a hug, or paying a compliment would spread the love.

"When doing something for someone please leave this behind for them as well… The person that was gifted the experience or touched by an act of kindness is the one that reports to #MaddyMatters", she wrote. "Together we would love to fill our world with more acts of kindness and live a little more like Madisyn".
Madisyn was just 17 years old when she died, and there is no doubt her legacy will live on if we all take time to be kind this holiday season.
Those still wishing to donate to the verified GoFundMe for Madisyn's family can do so here.

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