We need more young people in the world like this!

Naomi Martinez and Anahi Alvarez, two students at Grand Prairie High School in Texas, made a pact: if either of them won the title of homecoming queen, they would give their crown to their friend Lillian Skinner.

Martinez and Alvarez had been friends with Lillian since 7th grade. Lillian had been the victim of a cruel prank earlier that month; classmates had her convinced that she was nominated for homecoming court when, in fact, she wasn't. Her friends say that she's been the target of bullies for years, but she's one of the "nicest people" they've ever met.

Alvarez ended up winning the title of homecoming queen, and she promptly handed it over to Lillian, who was taken completely by surprise. Bravo, ladies!

Via YouTube
Via YouTube


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