It looks like another year without one of the most magical places for making holiday memories. Although we had hopes that the Holly Hotel would be welcoming guests for another Christmas season, it looks like the Grinch had other plans.

The jingle bells might not be ringing as soon as expected, or we hoped, again because it looks like our beloved Holly Hotel will be closed to holiday cheer even longer. While we were all gearing up for the festive cheer and the cozy ambiance of the Holly Hotel, it seems we'll have to get our seasonal fix elsewhere.

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The historic Holly Hotel, as you may know, was heavily damaged in the tragic fire that swept through the legendary inn and nearby businesses in June of 2022. Since then, the owners have been working hard to get things back up and running. Unfortunately, in August owners, George and Chrissy Kutlenios, announced they had hit a roadblock over a property line with the new owner of an adjacent property. As a result, restoration had to be halted while legal issues were tended to.

Unfortunately, this week the owners had additional bad news for those eager to have their favorite holiday spot back open. In a post to social media, they shared the news that not only will the Holly Hotel stay closed this Christmas season, but it looks like we will be without the magic next year as well. It all stems from an ongoing legal issue with a nearby property owner.

"For over 43 years, George and I have warmly honored Christmas at the Holly Hotel. You have all been greeted with a sincere and heartfelt 'Merry Christmas' as you stomped your snow-filled boots in our foyer, only to be instantly transported to Victorian hospitality. We strived to make you feel nostalgic, served, and satiated. It was our distinct pleasure.
But not this year, nor last year...and most likely the 2024 Yuletide Season either! Our case continues to work its way through the legal system and, despite our efforts to place this case on a fast track, the court scheduled the trial for August 2024, if we can't resolve the case before then! We continue advancing our position that The Historic Holly Hotel should be entitled to rebuild its west-side wall", the post read.
"Were it not for a fire with an origin that was confirmed to be within the former Arcade building and were it not for the Arcade’s contractor destroying the west-side wall, we would not be in this situation. We will continue trying to move forward to the best of our ability."
So many holiday memories have been made at the Holly Hotel by families from around the state. We are sending our support and love that soon the doors will open and the magic will be back soon.

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