The future of journalism looks bright thanks to these young ones.

According to a Washington Post article, a few journalism students at Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas, questioned the new hire of a principal's degrees/schooling and actually launched an investigation that lead to the principal resigning her position.

The students started looking into the university that the new principal, Amy Robertson, claimed she received her doctorate from. The students quickly found out that the university website did not work and they could not find any record of the university being an accredited school. Which resulted in an article published in the school newspaper questioning the legitimacy of the new principal. The next night, the new principal resigned.

I am very proud of these kids. They actually looked into a very valid issue and put a spotlight on an authority figure that may have fudged her resume to get a job that she was not qualified for. That's what investigative journalism is all about. Keep 'em in 'check'.

But it does make me wonder, what was the board doing? Shouldn't have the adults on the school board better vetted this faux principle?

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