It's actually not as complicated as we thought. Never hurts to try, right?

As we previously posted, Amazon is looking to build a second headquarters somewhere int he United States. Per their website, here are the details:

Amazon Seattle HQ
Direct [1] Number of buildings 33
Square feet 8.1 million
Local retail within Amazon headquarters 24 restaurants/cafes + 8 other services
Amazon employees 40,000+
Capital investment (buildings & infrastructure) $3.7 billion
Operational expenditures (utilities & maintenance) $1.4 billion
Compensation to employees $25.7 billion
Number of annual hotel nights by visiting Amazonians and guests 233,000 (2016)
Amount paid into the city’s public transportation system as employees’ transportation benefit $43 million
Indirect [2] Additional jobs created in the city as a result of Amazon’s direct investments 53,000
Additional investments in the local economy as a result of Amazon’s direct investments $38 billion
Increase in personal income by non-Amazon employees as a result of Amazon’s direct investments $17 billion
Other Increase in Fortune 500 companies with engineering/R&D centers in Seattle From 7 in 2010 to 31 in 2017

So, why wouldn't Flint be a prime spot for this? I'm all about using (what I call) Flint pity as a reason for this. Our city has been through hell in a hand basket over the last few years, and that's not even including the GM exit.

We're serious about it - are you? You can submit a proposal HERE.