Before you lose your wallet again, make sure to try some of these hints that might get it back for you.

A recent study found that you have the best chance of getting your wallet back if you have baby pictures in it. Since most of us are probably carrying those pictures on our phone these days, it might be a good investment to put a baby picture in there, even if you don't have a baby.

Researchers conducted a test using different kinds of pictures. There were babies, puppies, a family portrait, an older couple and some wallets had no pictures. Of these 240 wallets, the best response on returns came from the wallets with baby pictures. Here are the breakdowns:

  • 53% of wallets with the puppy photo were returned
  • 48% of wallets with the family photo were returned
  • 28% of wallets with the elderly couple were returned
  • 20% of wallets with the charity information were returned
  • 15% of wallets with no photos were returned

Just adding a picture of a baby could save you some cash in the long run!