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Meet 2.5-year-old Higgins. He is, quite possibly, the happiest pit bull you'll EVER meet. He's called the Humane Society of Genesee County his home since May; he came in as a stray. He's not a fan of cats and probably wouldn't be good in a home with small children.

Think of him as a full-grown puppy - he's got a ton of energy and needs some basic training. He can be a little bit mouthy; it's not vicious at all, but it's very puppy-esque. As you can see, he's a HUGE sweetheart. He just needs to go to a home where he can be trained and walked on a regular basis.

Interested in Higgins? Wanna wrestle on the floor with him like I did? Call the HSGC at 810-744-0511 and set up a meet-and-greet!

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