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We at Cars 108 have loved taking time each week to help the Humane Society of Genesee County find homes for their animals. From dogs to cats, birds to bunnies, we love helping these animals find their new "furever" homes.

Although each one seems to touch our hearts every week, and yours too, during our Tuesday Tails segment, none has touched us more than Nugget. This sweet 4 year old Pit mix arrived at the HSGC in January of 2020 just as the pandemic went into full swing. Yes...2020.

We featured Nugget during Tuesday Tails back in August of 2021 because we know how much he wanted to find a new family to love.  He was playful and full of energy, which sometimes made it hard for him to connect at first. Thanks to Key-Lore Kanine Country Club, Nugget had 6 weeks fo training and became the perfect little guy looking a home...and now he has one.


After 658 days at the Humane Society of Genesee County, Nugget left with his new family on Monday. As I watched the live feed on Facebook and all the well wishes poor in, I realized we all loved Nugget so much and we were all cheering him on. Yeah...I cried. How could you not? Seeing that sweet face actually realize he was going HOME.

To the young couple who opened their hearts and home to give love to this animal that has waited almost 2 years to find a family...we thank you.

To Nugget....we are so happy for you, and we love you sweet boy. Now go cuddle up with your new family and enjoy your special life.

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