Today is the 70 birthday for Cheerios and did you know it is still one of the most popular cereals at the grocery store? In fact, one in every eight boxes of all cereal sold in the U.S. are Cheerios, according to WLFI.

Another random fact is that General Mills sold 1.8 million cases in the first year. I used to eat Cheerios more when I was younger and I normally don't buy them now, but I've always liked them. Honey Nut Cheerios are probably my favorite along with the berry flavored ones.

Rod, Jeremy and I were talking about the best way to enjoy Cheerios-whether it was with milk or to eat it more as a snack. Rod likes to snack on it, while Jeremy and I both like to have it with milk. Another good Cheerios snack is to put it with chex mix and bake it with a little seasoning on it.

Do you still eat Cheerios? If you do, what is your favorite flavor?