Ceramic tree junkies, rejoice with me now.

One of the most wonderful moments of my radio career was years ago, back in Wisconsin, when I talked about the ceramic Christmas tree that both of my grandmothers had in their houses. Fast forward a couple of days and a listener dropped one off at our front desk that she'd found at a garage sale.

I still have it, and I still use it every year.

And now, Michael's has tapped into our obsession with these classic decorations and is selling the Halloween version with orange and purple lights. And I AM HERE FOR IT...kinda. It's gonna be tough because they're sold out EVERYWHERE, online and in stores.

May I suggest making it yourself? Head over to Fired Up Ceramics at Genesee Valley Center. Paint your own and they'll glaze it up for you - pick out some orange and purple lights and a cute decoration for the top and WHAM! You've got your own Halloween ceramic tree.

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