Over the years I have seen a lot of weird family Christmas cards. I'm sure you have as well, maybe you've even been in a few. Have you ever seen one like this? It's definitely one way of making sure Christmas goes off with a bang.

Read more about this very different Christmas card and watch the video after the jump.

A gun club in Scottsdale, Arizona is inviting children to pose for pictures with Santa Claus and a high powered firearm. Each family member carries their choice of weapon, from pistols to $80,000 machine guns.

Toting the gun, and perhaps belts of ammunition around their necks, they smile alongside a rather bewildered looking Santa. Children and babies can also get their hands on a firearm of their choice, including grenade launchers, assault rifles and AK-47s.

The picture, taken against a festive backdrop, will then be featured on a holiday card. What do you think, nuts or normal?

Check out the video.