Finally! The tuna paid off! If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna quit my job now.

Just kidding - it was paltry. Measly. In fact, if I wasn't looking carefully, I would've totally missed it.

I wasn't expecting anything, to be honest. These class action lawsuits are, overall, a big joke.

This all started back in 2017 when a class action suit was announced, alleging that cans of tuna were under-filled. I was emailed about this, and I absolutely put my information in. I like tuna, I buy it frequently, I thought that was fair.

I had forgotten about it until over the summer when I (shockingly) purchased some tuna and thought, "Huh...wonder what ever happened with that."

Upon up-close and further inspection of my PayPal account, I found this:

via Pat & AJ
via Pat & AJ

There it is, ladies and germs. $2.38. Check your bank for your big payout.


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