If it's a day that ends in "y," Great Harvest Bread Co. in Grand Blanc is doing something nice for the community.

Scott Sassack. Remember that name. He's the owner of Great Harvest in Grand Blanc, and when I say that he is ALWAYS doing something for the community, I'm not kidding.

This is the second time since the government shutdown began that he has extended his kindness to federal employees. First, he offered free loaves of bread to government workers on a "shutdown shelf." Now that the shutdown is affecting yet another paycheck for employees, he's stepping it up.

Great Harvest is offering 'shutdown boxes' for federal workers. Their Facebook post says:

Sadly with NO end in sight... Starting Monday, January 28th Great Harvest Bread Comp in Grand Blanc will be providing “Shut Down” boxes for government workers not receiving paychecks... The boxes will contain food for those in need during this VERY STRESSFUL period. We will be handing out the boxes on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s while supplies last each day. We will also have free loaves of bread everyday if the boxes run out.. We will continue to provide as long as we can. We hope this can give a little comfort and help ease some of the stress put upon those being affected.

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