Scott Sassack. Need we say more? If you know the area, you know the man, and you know his heart. Now he's doing it again.

Scott Sassack, owner of Great Harvest Bread in Grand Blanc, has raised money, made donations, and offered help throughout the community for years. When friends or neighbors need him, he's right there. He even offered free lunches to first responders during the initial pandemic lock down when they were just part of the few working day to day. He provided bread to Whaley Children's Center during quarantine when it was  hard to find. He has a heart of gold.

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Now Sassack has teamed up with Great Clips in Grand Blanc to do something special for Flint's Hurley Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. Between now and October 31, they have set a goal to raise $3000, and if they do...Sassack will shave his head!

All of the funds, 100% raised, will go directly to Hurley Children’s Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit. The unit provides care for those extremely ill little ones that need expert intensive medial attention. Sassack says helping Hurley to him is helping family.

"I have a tight relationship with Hurley. When my  daughter was just 13 she was ill and was transferred to Hurley. She had multiple surgeries for a illness and was there for 10 days. The staff, nurses, and entire hospital were amazing. I made it my mission give back to them every year somehow".

Due to the pandemic, Sassack is unable to do his usual fundraising events and wanted to come up with another way to help Hurley. "I haven't had a haircut in awhile and thought why not use that as a way to raise some money, so I sent the idea to Hurley and they loved it!"

Brooklyn Sondgeroth, Assistant Director for CMN Programs Hurley Foundation, stressed how important and special things like this are to the hospital saying, "The fact that Scott Sassack is using his business platform to fundraise, and touch the lives of sick and injured children is truly incredible. We are so grateful that he is a part of our Hurley 'family'."

If you want to see Scott Sassack shed his locks for a great cause, click the link on the  Great Harvest Bread Facebook page.


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