A deadly shooting in Kalamazoo County which was captured on a Facebook Live video was broadcast on a Grand Rapids TV station. (Please note, the video below contains graphic images.)

Police fatally shot David Gino Teneyuque after he raised a gun during a standoff at a mobile home park where Teneyuque and his girlfriend had been squatting in a van. Deputies tell Mlive that the man became hostile after they attempted to negotiate with him for about an hour.

"Sheriff deputies, SWAT members and the MSP discharged their firearms at Teneyuque based on the threat of the firearm," after he pointed his gun in the direction of officers, according to a news release.

Video of the fatal shooting was originally broadcast on Grand Rapids TV station WXMI but is not currently available on the station's website. A recording of the broadcast was uploaded to YouTube user Scott Jones.

Again, we urge the use of caution before viewing the video below.

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