This is 100% the good news that we needed this week.

The Grand Blanc Township Police and Fire Department were busy bees yesterday, and it has NOTHING to do with the pandemic.

Police received a phone call yesterday about an incident near Dort and Saginaw, by Walmart in Grand Blanc. The caller said that there was a flock of baby geese crossing the road; she was able to pull over and rescue three of them from being hit by a car, but the rest of them fell into a nearby storm sewer.

The Grand Blanc Township police and fire departments responded, complete with a fishing net that they had just purchased. Is anybody else picturing the scene from Ghostbusters 2 where they lower Ray into the sewer underneath the streets of Manhattan?

Anyways, it wasn't quite that dramatic, but we'd like to think it was.

Police and fire were able to retrieve seven more goslings from the storm sewer. They've been taken to a local animal rescue. Thanks guys!

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