Identity Salon will open up for sensory-friendly appointments for people with autism or special needs.

Starting on March 26th, Wendy Williams from Identity Salon in Grand Blanc will be providing hair services in a sensory-friendly environment on Sundays by appointment.

The salon will be reducing the noises, smells, lights, and other elements that can make haircuts uncomfortable for people with autism and other special needs.

This is something that we've talked about before on our show, such as the Minnesota salon that's training their stylists to be sensory-friendly, or the West Virginia stylist who went out of her way to help a little boy with autism. Luckily, we haven't experienced this with our son, but for a lot of parents with kids with autism, getting their hair cut can be a real challenge.

For an appointment, call Wendy at (810) 347-6589. It's open to anybody - children, teens, adults - with special needs.

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