The Governor was one of the first (unexpected) speakers before the President took the stage yesterday at Northwestern High School.

We were in the press pit for the speeches, which took place yesterday between 3 and 5 PM. Governor Snyder opened the event to a somewhat hostile crowd, and apologized for the Flint water crisis. He was followed by Congressman Kildee, Senator Stabenow, Mayor Karen Weaver and then, after a short break, the President.

Since we keep it real on our show, I'll preface this with three things:

1) The audio isn't good, and for this I apologize. They had fans on in the gymnasium and it was hard to hear.

2) The shaky camera work at the beginning of Snyder's speech is because we weren't expecting him to take the stage. At all. We knew that he had met the President beforehand, but we didn't know that he'd be there.

3) I didn't have enough storage on my phone to record the entirety of the speeches.

4) Personally, I didn't love the President's speech. Liked it, didn't love it. But, at the same time, people were expecting one of three things: an inspirational speech, a Debbie Downer speech, or for him to wave a magic wand and fix the problem. So, to each their own opinion.

Overall, it was amazing experience. I've never seen Air Force One or a sitting President before, so for me, it was very memorable.

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