If Governor Rick Snyder gets his way, it will cost you $120 more each year to register your vehicle in Michigan. Snyder is also suggesting local governments can charge up to an additional $40 per year, which would be used locally.

Is it worth it? Sound off in the comments section. Certainly Michigan's roads need attention, but are you in favor of paying $120 more per year for each of your vehicles?

Snyder equated the $10 per-month increase to two trips to Starbucks, and said in a statement that most Michigan residents complain about our roads:  “Michigan’s infrastructure is living on borrowed time. We must reinvest in it if we are to successfully reinvent our economy. I haven’t met a Michigan driver yet who is satisfied with the condition of our roads and yet we’re facing a $1.4 billion shortfall just to maintain our current system. If we want to grow our economy and keep our children here, then we need to fix the very foundation of our state."

Snyder's proposal is still in the "idea" stage, and has yet to be included in proposed legislation.