Jumping right to the funny part of the interview, Governor Gretchen Whitmer hilariously reacted to the parody video from Saturday Night Live that featured Cecily Strong portraying her as the beer-drinking woman from Michigan.

"They got the beer wrong," Whitmer joked with Fox 2's Charlie Langton. "It should have been a Michigan beer, not Labatt."

Whitmer held up a bottle of Bell's Two Hearted Ale, which is made here in Michigan. In her portrayal of Governor Whitmer, Strong chugged from a bottle of Labatt Blue.

The governor gave her nod of approval to the skit saying, "It was kinda funny."

Whitmer's reaction to the sketch happens in the last 40 seconds of the video below.

Governor Whitmer also discussed the relaxation of restrictions that are now taking effect as the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to slow down in Michigan. She also offered some clarification of her requirement that all Michiganders wear face masks when in enclosed public spaces.

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