By now, you're probably very used to seeing Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on TV. She appears on the local news on a regular basis, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic. She's occasionally a guest on national television, including appearances on 'The View', 'The Today Show', and 'CBS This Morning'.

Whitmer's likeness has even been spoofed in a skit created by 'Saturday Night Live' after which she corrected late-night comedy show, saying she only drinks Michigan beer. D'uh!

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And last night (6/1), the biggest TV honor of all was bestowed upon our governor -- she was featured as a clue on the TV game show 'Jeopardy'. (Can you tell I'm a big fan of the show?) Contestant Jong Ho Kim, a teacher from Illinois, revealed the following clue:

"The person in this job, currently Gretchen Whitmer, has an official summer residence overlooking the Straits of Mackinac."

Kim's correct answer, "What is the governor of Michigan?" earned him $800 during the Double Jeopardy round. (Technically, he should have said, "WHO is the governor of Michigan?" but now we're splitting hairs.)

And we were relieved, but not surprised, that host Alex Trebek pronounced "Mackinac" correctly. Not everyone does.

Check out the video below.

Kim, however, did not go on to win game one of the 2020 Teachers Tournament. He was defeated by Will Satterwhite, a teacher from Virginia.

It was nice that Michigan's governor was featured in a clue on the long-running show. And, it was one of the few correct responses I was able to come up with!


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