Looks like Gov. Whitmer is loving the late night life. From The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last month and her new character portrayal on SNL, the Governor is becoming fixture on the late night circuit.

Now on the heels of announcing the partial opening of northern Michigan this weekend, Whitmer is heading to Late Night with Seth Myers. The Governor will make an appearance tonight with the show airing at 12:35pm on NBC.

After her spoof on SNL with Cesily Strong taking on the portrayal, Whitmer was quick to laugh at herself and even commend Strong on doing a great job. She even went as far as to send a special Michigan care package to Strong.

There is no doubt that the SNL spoof will come up during her appearance with Seth Myers tonight. Myers himself is a SNL alum. Otherwise the topics for discussion are pretty much up in the air. It's no secret though that Myers is not a fan of President Trump so look for a few pro Democratic comments to be made.

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Gov. Whitmer announced today the move to reopen  bars and restaurants just in time for Memorial Day weekend in northern Michigan only. The move will affect two of the eight regions identified in the governor’s gradual reopening plan amid the coronavirus pandemic. One covers the Upper Peninsula and another includes 17 counties in the northern Lower Peninsula, including Traverse City. Of course the reopening will be with cautious guidelines that include a 50% limit capacity and groups will be required to stay six feet apart, and servers will have to wear face coverings.

If you can't handle the night owl lifestyle, you can always DVR Late Night with Seth Myers and watch it over breakfast.


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