You wouldn't expect a 400-pound gorilla to form a bond with a tiny groundhog. But as counterintuitive as it may be, it happened just the other day at the Detroit Zoo.

The Detroit Zoo posted the adorable video yesterday (5/19) on its Facebook page and it has since been viewed more than 135,000 times. Alex Phillips was the zoo guest who filmed the :12-second clip and a member of his party exclaims, "Oh, they're friends!" as Phillips starts recording.

You'll probably think the same thing.

From the Detroit Zoo:

Zoo officials noted in the Facebook post that it's a rather uncommon occurrence to see a gorilla that weighs more than 400 pounds stroking the head of a groundhog.

"A budding friendship?
It’s not uncommon to see a ground hog poking around the gorilla habitat during feeding time — both species are mainly herbivores after all!
A less common sight is that of a gorilla gently stroking a ground hog on the back, as one Detroit Zoo guest recently witnessed. Even though gorillas weigh more than 400 pounds, this little visitor seems to realize that Kongo, a 23-year-old silverback, doesn’t mean him any harm.
Thank you to Alex Phillips for filming this awesome video at the Detroit Zoo!"

And Then There's the Facebook Comments Section

As always, proceed with caution because your mileage may vary when reading the Facebook comments.
But Patty chimed in saying that it looks like the gorilla takes something out of its mouth to feed the critter. (Gross and sweet at the same time)
But Marjorie summed it up nicely with her comment: "We could learn so much from animals if we would only try."

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