Have you noticed when you dine out or even pick up carry out food, restaurants and bars seem to be short staffed? I have had servers even apologize before I have even ordered, that there may be a delay due to people not showing up for work, or not enough employees on the floor. This is not due to poor scheduling by management in these cases - apparently some people do not want to work anymore.

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Recently Joe Gilbert, owner of The Fireplace in Fenton, posted a Facebook video stating the same thing. The Fireplace was closed for a short time, and COVID cases were not the only reason. As you will hear in the video, Joe said part of the reason for the bar/restaurant being closed was because he just did not have enough employees.

Additional proof of people not wanting to work is a viral post out of Chesaning. Sara, a cook at The Showboat, posted a note of the the restaurants Facebook page that has gone viral. It reads as follows,

We are short staffed today. Please be patient with the staff that did show up. No one wants to work anymore.

You can see the exact post below.

I have a feeling The Fireplace and The Showboat are not the only spots dealing with this. Do you own or work at a bar and or restaurant? If so, are you experiencing the same problem with your staff or co-workers?

Shout out to Joe and Sara for keeping it real, I appreciate the honesty. Please remember reading this next time you go out to eat, or grab carry out.

Please remember this! 😊

Posted by Showboat Restaurant of Chesaning on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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