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If you watched The Jetsons when you were a kid, you probably imagined that we'd all be whizzing around in flying cars long before now, right? General Motors has just announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show that it's been working on a flying car, which it calls an "air taxi."

But it's a Cadillac, so it will probably be out of reach for the likes of you and me -- and probably most working-class folks like George Jetson.

GM is currently branding the vehicle the Cadillac eVTOL. It's in the early phase, of course, but the single-seat personal aircraft relies on electric propulsion thanks to a 90-kWh battery. Top speed is said to be 56 miles per hour.

In the C-Net video below, the vehicle is touted as a personal transportation device designed to offer transportation when time is tight, like when you need to get across town quickly in order to attend a meeting, but don't have time to deal with traffic on the road.

"As a passenger, it represents personal space and a panoramic view of the world passing beneath you. And it's a glimpse of what autonomy and Cadillac luxury might look like in the not too distant future.

There's no information available yet on when these concepts may actually become a reality and pricing has not yet been discussed.

Personally, I'd like to see a version with a glass dome that closes right before takeoff (like George Jetson has) and have it branded as a Chevrolet so my dream of a flying car can somehow seem more attainable.


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