GM has announced that they will be upping their truck production by pushing for 1,000 extra units every month. This means that GM Flint will be looking to hire a few hundred temporary workers to fill those demands.

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General Motors just announced its increasing production of its Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD full-size pick-ups at Flint Assembly by 1,000 trucks per month, starting in mid-July.


While UAW Region 1-D director Steve Dawes is thrilled by the news he says one big concern for him is having the staff to get this accomplished. Dawes says GM is in need of hundreds of temp workers at Flint Assembly.


"They're hurting for people. They're going to be doing some unique things to try and get some temporaries in there," said Dawes.

The door is wide open now! I remember Gm being the reason people moved from different states to come here just to land a job at GM. And for good reason! GM provides some of the most lucrative job opportunities in the area and usually, you need to know a guy that knows a guy, that's related to a guy, to get a job at GM.

This new demand for temporary workers will open the door for those that have been waiting for an opportunity to get into GM. And a temp spot might be all you need to land that golden ticket position. I have a few friends that got into GM via the temp worker program, and after working harder than everyone else they got hired on full time.

Getting into that full-time position isn't guaranteed, but it's the best chance you've got at getting your for in the door.

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