Watch out Facebook and Google+ -- there's a new kid in town that's going to make you think differently about social media -- actually they want you to 'unthink' social media. If you are tired of Facebook changing your newsfeed, moving your photos, keeping tabs on what you say and do and all the other 'allegations' being put on Facebook -- then you must check out

By now you might have figured out that a new social media site is trying their luck to beat out Facebook -- Google tried, MySpace lost their battle and now wants to play the game.

According to C|NET, Unthink's home page uses black and white photos of the Civil Rights Movement as a backdrop, and makes the promise to 'emancipate social media' and 'unleash people's extraordinary potential.' This is done by giving users an online hub free from 'privacy issues,' 'endless redesigns' and user profiles as 'commercial junkyards,' all while allowing the users to 'own' their data.

Unthink Profile Page

I tried visiting the Unthink website and the site came back with an 'UNTHINK is over capacity' error. If you don't have a network that can support the mass amount of users that may visit your site, then you're not ready to launch, not even for beta.

Unthink, founded on Earth Day in 2008 is backed by $2.5 million in venture funding from DouglasBay Capital. On Unthink you can get an invitation code for exchange of your email address. Unthink will work with brands that are 'forward-thinking, socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Users will be allowed to choose what brands they want to advertise on their site. If a user doesn't want to be tied to a certain brand, they can pay a $2 annual fee.

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