Every 15 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency room for a fall-related injury.

Genesys says that falls are the number one cause of injury, hospital visits due to trauma, and death in people age 65 and older. It's estimated that one in three older adults fall each year and many of these falls can be prevented!

Zach Landers, an RN and manager of Genesys Trauma Services, will present a talk on preventing falls on Wednesday at Genesys Athletic Club. Landers will talk about identifying problems and obstacles that can lead to falls, adding exercise and physical activity to reduce fall risk, improving balance and strength to avoid a fall, and correcting safety hazards in a home that can cause a fall.

Those interested in attending the talk are asked to call (810) 606-7509. It's part of Genesys Athletic Club's GAC Gold program for seniors. Cost of $10 includes lunch.