Crews are scrambling to complete construction on Genesee County's first roundabout, at the intersection of Hill and Elms Roads.

A roundabout (or 'Traffic Circle' as your GPS unit will probably refer to it) is designed to improve safety and reduce congestion at busy intersections. Hill and Elms, which borders the line between Mundy and Gaines Townships, has been the site of three deadly accidents since 2005.

Officials tell the Swartz Creek View that they hope to complete construction on the $560,000 project by the time school starts.

Everybody tells me we'll figure it out. Riiiiiight. Ever experience the double roundabout near Brighton? My son and I got stuck on that sucker a few months ago, and I didn't think we were ever going to get out of it! All we wanted was some Wendy's!

MDOT has a delightful video that attempts to explain how to use a roundabout. It will either help you, or confuse the hell out of you. I'm guessing the latter.

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