The Genesee County Sheriff's Office took time this week to honor the women that make a difference every day by working there.

Sheriff Swanson does a video update every week to update the community on what the sheriff's office is doing. This week the majority of the video was dedicated to honoring the women that work at the sheriff's office. Each of the women honored during the video received a yellow rose, and a sheriff's challenge coin as a gift.

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Sheriff Swanson made sure to point out that the women being honored have been trail blazers at the office. They are the women that have broken down walls for the generations of women after them that would like to work in law enforcement. A few of the women that were honored got up to speak about their experiences during the presentation.

Cora Gregory was the first woman to be a certified police officer in Genesee County. She worked as an officer before becoming a Genesee County District Court Magistrate in 1998.

Dr. Avon Burns worked at Mott Community College as a Criminal Justice Professor. Sheriff Swanson talked about how Dr. Burns did such great work by encouraging women and minorities to pursue careers in law enforcement.

Kariann Nelson was honored for being the first woman to earn the rank of Captain with the Genesee County Sheriff's Office. Nelson gave a moving speech and talked about how she is still working to encourage young women to pursue a career in law enforcement.

I think my favorite part about the video is that the backdrop is made up of nothing but women that work in law enforcement. I know that a lot of us are demanding change in law enforcement right now, but maybe the change we need to see is a change in who joins law enforcement. The women you see in the video above represent much of the change that we are all hoping for, and we salute you.

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