GM higher ups made a big announcement today concerning jobs and reinvestment in Flint and Bay City. The news is better than expected and they will be adding more jobs between the two plants than previously believed.

General Motors more than tripled their profits in the first quarter of this year, not bad for a company that was bankrupt and receiving government bailout money a couple of years back. It is because of this that the automaker announced a $2 Billion dollar investment that will add jobs at plants in 17 states. Luckily for us one of those plants is located right here in Flint.
Bay City Powertrain Manufacturing Manager Gerald Johnson made the announcement this morning that GM will invest around $109 million between the Bay City and Flint Engine plants. All in all this will keep or add about 96 jobs in Flint and Bay City, 16 more positions than was previously speculated in our report yesterday.
GM may never again be the employment giant that it once was in Flint, but this news is a definite step in the right direction.

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