Dustin LaMont has Down Syndrome, but that doesn't stop him from doing anything - including sitting outside, greeting people that pass by his home.

However, Dustin  was concerned that his foot surgery would prevent him from sitting outside, as he does on most days. He has no wheelchair ramp to get in and out of his home, and he would be confined to a chair for at least three months.

So friends on a bowling that he hangs out with decided to gather volunteers and supplies to build him a wheelchair ramp. Dustin's mom (whom he lives with) says that they're "overwhelmed with generosity."

When Dustin isn't working his job at Freedom Treasures, he likes to spend time waving to people outside his home on Holly Road because he loves "other people."

You can read the full story from MLive HERE.

I'm totally gonna drive past his house to get a wave from him!