The food pantry has been operating out of a garage for the last two years.

Police in Mount Morris have shut down a free food pantry that has been operating out of a garage, because of the traffic disruption and lack of proper licenses.

Terry Staton has been running Food N' Stuff out of his garage for the last two years, helping over 800 people in Genesee County. The treasurer of Mount Morris says that they're willing to work with Staton, though, on keeping the food bank open. For now, it's not operating.

There's an online petition to prevent the pantry from being shut down.


Residents who used the food pantry, encouraged to go to Holy Cross Children's Services, First Baptist Church of Mt. Morris, or Fair Haven Seventh Day Adventist Church.

I'll play devils advocate here - I get it. I think what Terry is doing in fantastic. He seems like a great guy with an open mind. Wouldn't want something like food poisoning to happen to somebody for questions to be asked; you don't want to wait until it's too late. Let's hope that they reach an agreement where he can stay open!

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