A 4-year-old in West Virginia just recently hit a hole-in-one.

I can't lie, I am super jealous of this kid. Rocco, a 4-year-old golfer from Wheeling, West Virginia, just accomplished something many golfers will never do in their lifetime...a hole-in-one. The amazing feat took place at a par three course called Oglebay Park.

According to his dad, Mario Figaretti, this little guy practices all the time in the yard. I can only imagine the proud dad feelings that he has. It is more amazing that he was actually able to catch it all on film. Seeing the little guy run down the hill to double-check reminds me why I play the game as well. Hitting a great shot is exciting!

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For anyone that has ever played a round of golf, we can appreciate how cool that is, especially for someone so young. On the flip side though, I promise you that every golfer has a small hint of jealousy inside their heart over this shot. It is something we all strive for, but not all achieve.

Too bad this little guy lives in West Virginia, otherwise I would recruit him as a partner for the Bad Golfers League...sorry Tom, (my teammate,) he is better than you. Of all the golfers on the Banana league, I only know of one that has ever hit a hole-in-one. I may be wrong, but either way it is tough to do. The closest I have ever come to a hole-in-one is about six feet away from the cup.

Congrats Rocco on being better than 99% of our league!

Source: TMZ


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