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Michigan's Upper Peninsula got its first measurable snowfall in the last few days and it is a breathtaking sight.

We'll circle back and ask you just how beautiful you think it is a few months from now, after you've shoveled, slipped on the ice, and navigated snow-covered roads. But for now, it's lovely.

YouTube user Deependra Nath posted the video below of what appears to be wet, heavy snow weighing down branches in the U.P. The video was taken on October 1.

The second video below was posted by Michele Lehto, who recorded snow falling in Ironwood.

It's a bit early for the first measurable snowfall of the season, but as long as it's in the Upper Peninsula I'm fine with that. But what will that mean for us?

The National Weather Service in Marquette County reported six-tenths of an inch of snow Thursday night while Houghton County reportedly saw eight-tenths of an inch, according to Mlive.

Does this seem a little early to you? According to reports citing data from the National Weather Service, the first measurable snowfall in Marquette averages around October 17, but it has happened as early as September 22. So when you're looking at averages, this snow is only about two weeks ahead of schedule.

So enjoy the beauty of Michigan's first snowfall of the season, as long as we can hold off on seeing it in person for at least another month. 2020 has given us so much -- why wouldn't it hit us with an early winter?

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