2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is no exception.

They announced this week that even though they have not reached their busiest part of the year, the Food Bank has already distributed double what they did in all of 2019. That number is even more shocking when you consider that the Food Bank is only counting the distribution that happened starting in March when the pandemic started.

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The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is utilized by families in need of food, but also community organizations that distribute food in their area. Since March, the food bank has gone through 33 Million pounds of food according to ABC12.

The numbers are pretty staggering, and definitely tell the story of how much everyone is hurling right now. It's crazy to think about how many other organizations have been doing food giveaways to help, and the Food Bank is still setting records for distribution.

The major problem is that the Food Bank has not even hit what is normally their busy season. In a normal year, the last 4 months are the busiest for the food bank with the holidays and cold temps setting in. If they are already setting records for distribution before the busy season, this could be a tough year for everyone.

I think it goes without saying that the Food Bank could use a helping hand this year. If you are able to donate time, money or food, we ask that you do whatever you can. You can get more information about donating to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan here.


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