Probably the first time we've ever heard a "Florida man" story that isn't an Onion headline.

Justin Hartman is the owner of Canary Tree Service in Tampa, but he doesn't just "hang out" in his tropical paradise on the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State - he goes where he is needed. And, most recently, he's been needed in the mitten state.

Hartman has worked in disaster zones all across the country and, right now, he's assisting flood victims in mid-Michigan who need him...for free. One of the people he's offered to help is Dan Dionne, who lost his deck and some of his property when the Sanford and Edenville dams failed back in May.

Dan was actually thinking about leaving until Hartman showed up to help. He's cutting down trees and clearing debris for free for residents like Dan. He's also laying the "roots" for a tree service business here in Michigan; his wife and two kids are still back in Florida while he helps out.

“Like I said, the people are awesome,” Hartmann told WNEM-TV 5. “You know, if they weren’t the way they are, I’d already be gone, I promise. But they’re great and I like seeing everyone help each other out. It warms my heart, really.”

It's the one good thing that comes out of natural disasters - the wealth of people who pop up from all over the country and the world to help clean up and get people back on their feet. Thank you, Justin.

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