Another awesome business in Flint is set to close at the end of the month.

We have seen a lot of local businesses close down for good over the last couple of years and it is truly sad. Unfortunately, The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade + Rage Rooms is next to join that list.

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In a recent post on their Facebook page, The Sandbox informed the public that they have made the tough decision to close down the business they started just under five years ago. It is just another sad blow to the Flint area, that place was a blast. However, you still have until the end of the month to enjoy it one final time.

If you want to dive into the virtual reality world one more time, The Sandbox will remain open until Sunday, January 30th. They will also be offering 50% OFF all experiences until they close so swing out there and see them one final time!

I was pretty bummed when I saw this announcement last night. Years ago when they first opened in their original location by Outback Steakhouse, our entire building had the chance to go check it out together. It was so much fun! Watching all of my co-workers walk the plank was a memory that I will never forget. My daughter was also a huge fan of The Sandbox as well. Her favorite game was the job simulator and mine was Space Pirate Trainer. Tony LaBrie and I actually played the space game for hours when we had our office party there as well.

It's a sad day, but thank you for the memories Sandbox!

Source: The Sandbox

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