Some things are synonymous with a trip through Flint & Genesee County, like driving by the old Wally's property at Center & Lapeer Roads in Burton -- those giant, multi-point neon stars. Or driving down Saginaw Street in Downtown Flint to see the Vernor's gnome & mural. Even driving I-69 at night to see the Weather Ball glowing above the skyline.

What was the place in Flint, Mi that had race cars on the roof?

Which leads to another disappearance of a symbol so many recognized at Dort Highway & Richfield Roads: The race car & race truck on the roof of AJ Racers. One day they were there. The next... vanished.

Photo Credit: woolsox via Waymark
Photo Credit: woolsox via Waymark

Is AJ Racers bar & grill still in Flint, Mi?

Technically, yes. It's still open serving incredibly good food & drinks. The great burgers, pizza and ice-cold beer are still getting solid reviews on Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor. That infamous dirt parking lot across from Auto Zone is still there, too. The stock cars though. Nobody seems to know.

Photo Credit: woolsox via Waymark
Photo Credit: woolsox via Waymark

According to RE Journals, Gerdom Realty and Investments represented the sale of the property in August of 2022. There isn't much more detail. While that report mentions the new owners will keep operating under the same name, it's starting to work in the name of another former Flint-area hang-out, the Alibi.

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