After her dog was attacked at a local dog park, Melanie Poisson's experience should serve as a warning for other dog owners.

Melanie was at the Davison Dog Park over the weekend with her dog, Ethel. At some point, Ethel was attacked by another dog. The owner gave Melanie a fake name and phone number, and according to her post, "refused to even apologize."

She took her to an emergency vet, where Ethel was treated for a deep gash and broken ribs. As of today, it appears that she may not need surgery. But Melanie's experience is a sad reminder that there are a lot of bad dog owners out there, even in our own community.

The problem is NOT with the dog parks, but with dog owners themselves.

Personally, we go to the Grand Blanc Dog Park. A lot of people complain about the $25 yearly fee, but realistically it only comes out to $2.08 a month. And, when you register your dog, you're required to present their dog license and vaccination records. Additionally, you're given a pin number to open the gate, so they know who is in the dog park and when. 

As of today, Melanie has still not found the owners of the dog that attacked Ethel.

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