Just a day after news came that Flint has dropped from the top of the "most violent cities" in the country list, we're learning how some recent crimes have been solved so quickly.

The Flint Police Department is crediting residents and social media in leading to the quick resolution of some recent crimes.

Last Saturday, February 15th, in addition to filing a police report, a victim posted the theft of his pickup truck to his Facebook page. The very next day police received a call in reference to the stolen pickup. The caller, who wished to remain anonymous, was a Facebook friend of the victim. Officers were unable to locate the pickup in the first area reported but ten minutes later they received another call from a Facebook friend of the victim. Officers were able to identify the vehicle, stop it, and place two suspects under arrest for the stolen vehicle and being in possession of drugs.

In another incident on Wednesday, February 19th, a police officer was flagged down by a passerby in reference to a man with a gun. Officers found the man holding five victims at gun point and were able to place him under arrest without incident. The man now faces multiple felony charges.

Flint Police Chief James Tolbert says "the fast settlement of both incidents came as the direct result of citizens getting involved and sharing information with police. When the public acts as eyes and ears in the community, we can more effectively deal with crimes as they happen." Tolbert asks that residents continue to report criminal tips by calling 1-800-SPEAK-UP, or by calling 911 during emergencies. Residents can also report crimes online by using the COPLOGIC system on the City of Flint website at: www.cityofflint.com