The Flint Police Department is looking for volunteers to work at the mini stations.

Earlier this year, Flint Police Chief Terence Green announced the plan for the city to reopen four mini stations to help combat crime in the city. Now that those stations have been renovated and are just about ready for action, the department is looking for volunteers to man them.

Three of the four mini stations have completed renovations with the fourth almost ready to go. These mini stations are located in the city's north, south, east, and west quadrants.

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Where are the mini stations exactly?

The four mini stations are located in the following areas.

  • The Dort Mall at Dort Highway and Atherton Road.
  • The Midway Townhomes off of Lippincott Boulevard
  • Near Kettering University at the corner of University Avenue and Chevrolet Avenue.
  • Near the corner of Bishop Avenue and Martin Luther King Avenue.

These mini stations will also be available to community organizations to host group meetings in.

What will the volunteers be responsible for doing?

Volunteers that have completed their training will man the mini stations to do a number of things including:

  • Provide resources and information for those looking to report a crime
  • Serve as liaisons to the Flint Police Department

When is training and how do I volunteer?

The first volunteer training sessions are scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 15th, and Thursday, September 16th. For more information and to volunteer, call the Flint Police Department at 810-237-6800.

It is great to see the Flint Police Department taking such great steps to fight the crime in the city.

Source: MLive

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