Two words: dream job.

The pandemic has given people one of two things - more free time, or even less than they had before. If you've got extra time, luckily, why not use it for good?

That's what Flint resident Vaughn Mortimer is doing.

When he's not playing for the band Elizabeth Reed, Vaughn is taking his free time to play his guitar for the fur babies at Genesee County Animal Control.

According to GCAC, the 28-year-old musician had previously adopted a dog from animal control - her name is Luna. When he heard that the shelter wanted to have some live music played for the remaining animals, he jumped at the chance.

Veterinarians have confirmed that music therapy for animals is a way to reduce anxiety, lower an animals' heart rate, and alleviate behavioral problems such as barking. Music therapy can be even more beneficial in a shelter setting, where lights and loud noises can stress the animals out.

Genesee County Animal Control's enrichment program includes music therapy for the animals. They're not expanding the music program at this time because of the pandemic, but they're "looking forward to what the future holds for GCAC."

Big thanks to Vaughn for volunteering his time to help out the animals who are still in need of homes, and also a big thanks to Danielle from GCAC for texting AJ back late last night about the music program. It's so great and the video just reinforces how good it is for the animals.

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