Mid-Michigan Now's Ahmad Bajjey knows how to put a sudden end to cold weather -- just add a digit to the overnight low, and voila!

Although 188 degrees may be a bit extreme, we are ready to get out of the 20s and 30s.

Bajjey handled the mis-typed overnight low with humor saying during his Friday night (12/13) forecast.

"Apparently Wednesday night we're just all gonna melt," he quipped. "That's what happens on a Friday night when you're trying to move a little too fast to write '18 degrees.'"

It was good of him to cop to it. I always blame the computers for my mistakes.

"I think right now, we could all use 188 degrees," news anchor Stephanie Parkinson chimed in.

Thanks for the chuckle, Ahmad. I need to go dig out the sprinkler and buy a new bathing suit.

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