Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley has a new vision for how 475 will look in the the city of Flint and he's sharing his thoughts with residents.

According to ABC12, in a new proposal by Mayor Neeley a part of I-475 in the city of Flint would change from being a freeway and turn into a divided highway. That area would then be at the same level as the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Mayor Neeley is bringing his new proposal to city residents to get their thoughts and input on the idea. The Mayor will be hosting special sessions on Wednesday evenings to allow the community to learn about his proposed plan and have their thoughts heard and considered.

"The city of Flint is hosting these input sessions because it is critically important for residents' voices to be heard. Under this administration community input comes first — before any concrete plans are made regarding future development of I-475,” Neeley told ABC12.

Those wishing to join in on the discussion will be able to do so when the meeting is streamed live on the city of Flint’s Facebook page and YouTube. The meeting will include community leaders as well on the panel with a moderator also taking questions via social media.

Currently, funding is available to resurface part of I-475 through the Flint downtown area and Mayor Neeley's plan has not yet been determined as a feasible concept to move forward with, but he is looking for some input to see if that is the direction to go. His goal in the change is to reconnect the central business district to adjacent neighborhoods.


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